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How do you think? I mean, what’s it like in your heads? I really need to grasp some things and fookit I’m asking.
When people respond to: whatcha thinkin? With: nothing. Is that literal? Is that possible? I was targeted and tortured to the point that ultimately my worst fear consumed me. The last few conscious moments I realized my painful efforts to hang on were a useless effort, that the concept of will and control were inapplicable. Then empty silence at some point. I think that was days later. A vague unease… Fear… Lots of fear. Terrified to be honest. Clueless what was going on what my head was doing the empty feeling the silence the unease foreign … what in the hell …. Can’t make it ok freakout I lived. Eventually I nailed it. I was confused. Incapacitated by the inability to grasp much of anything past *quiet was wrong, *fear like I’ve never known, *weird uncontrollable idiosyncratic noises/actions and *having to re establish locomotion…
Only then had my head not been screaming white noise.
I never shut up and my thoughts are wicked cool and unspeakable nightmares… Silly crap and you name it. Together. Nonstop Whatever is biggest or repetitive or blahblah or roshambos the right tangents at the right moments more or less guides to gist of my endless blahtering I am so loved to be loathed for round here.
How do people not see really obvious embarrassing, stupid, harmful or just bad things they endure or inflict and not get pissed or walk or… ? How are people ok with painfully illogical stuff and not see it or accept it and are fine with unholy crap?
I don’t want to be a normie . I’m not saying all Normies (I really need t-mobile to suffer for shitphone’s vs inequities.. I type a s s. You go ass. Go!) (douche) are in anyway alike in any way b any means… I just have noticed a subculture that dam near basis in fooked up and is blind or ignoring it.

Be brave. Tell me how your head works. Then tell t mobile to bite it Be…yeah!

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