Caution… Whatever

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Ok, In absolute solitude and WELL aware of where my subconscious pulls my thoughts -black hole style – if not policed… I needed to feel some ~anything~ to believe I might be mystical or marshmallowy whiff of a notion of ever riding another jellybean… Blahblah I had to look…
I am sick of listening to me. I didn’t write about these mystery concepts… I was dumbstruck by what smacked me. All the “bullshit” I’d discovered throughout my life and subsequent explanations I came to understand & tell myself in order to make reality function with me in it.  I went online & found a sort of timeline w/generalized overview of each man’s supposition…
Started with Socrates (I think) made to, but didn’t read about, Aristotle. I was too wigged. Excuse the vulgarity but by that point I was too busy ~to quote old stoners~ “trippin balls”…
I’ve had ZERO exposure to anything of this sort, anywhere. I literally was ignorant about the entire field of particular philosophers and their concepts.
If I manage to succumb to my nightmeds (you never let up t-mobile, I live to see you bite the soap – ICP says, deal with your own creation (: yaya)

Soooo, any learned intellectuals with a good firm grasp of ancient Greek philosophy, I beg a favor: pick my brain! Please ****

Ok me, Shut up. Ok. Ty. (Witch) Yup. I ~mean~ meanness- hush. mmmmK chingching.
Haha i made me smile. Shutting up now.   You’re welcome b e l o v e d f a m i l y. smoochies. . . . . . . ………. . . Mmmmmmm……. . . . . . . . . . . Mmmmsoap

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3 Responses to “Caution… Whatever”

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Egg here, I like that you like it, thanks 🙂 I’m floating around, I’ll be vocal again soon. fair warning! hehe

i have to say i love your rants. there is a sense to all the choas.

I ALWAYS rant, I talk my arse off. If there isn’t anyone around to listen, I talk to my stuff. BTW, anything that dares malfunction is ALWAYS given a chance to operate properly, I ask nicely. The result of obstinance is… being brought before the mighty OverlordofTheKitchen (and all things mechanical) and having it’s incompetence pointed out to SirKenmore of the righteous Freecyclers. NOTHING wants to be put in front of SirKenmore, all the appliances worship it’s Superiorityessness fer sure. It’s the most bitchin fridge ever (and was free) We find that amusing don’t you agree SirKemore? ‘Yes we…’ “NO, We ~Egg~ alone refer to ourselves in the singular plural, know your place or risk your cord” ‘Humble apologies, I ~ SirKenmore~ must whole heartedly agree with all of your Eggilitious utterances, majesty’
aww, SirK, you know just how to make us smile.

We were going to say something relevant, We are sure of it, however We find it best to persue alternate endeavors at this time, We thank you …and
drive through.

POCC Slipper!

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