for the record

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I’m obligated, by experience, to let EVERYONE know.

so my family is PERFECTLY clear.

and my friends have NOTHING to doubt.

I’m sane, rational, fine, competent.

know that the crap I’m throwing out is … juvenile ugly hateful angry lashing out over nasty realizations that … yeah, my family sucks ass.  and.. nope, no way to lie and think anything but my “friends” merely tolerate me because a. I have something they want or b. eventually I’ll shut up and they can blather about meaningless prattle as I sit and endure intellectually abusive silence … now I’m unable to understand why I silently ate so much crap. I physically ACHED trying to play nice nice, apologized for my presence, patronized SO BLATANTLY.. I mean retardedly outright to the point of having barking monkeys begging for a bite of the righteous shit sandwich my disgusting presence was in their glory and awesome superior presence, I’m vile.. ultrashit sandwich, gnash your mighty teeth upon me and spit me.. NO CONSUME ME becuase you are mighty


oh yeah, I’ve sold it

go away barking monkeys, you eat that crap, I do it and laugh. You eat it up and I go further and further and you buy it hahahahah why   .. really WHY? How … WHO   really how is that not clearly smart ass needing a serious threat of foot to ass retaliation implications to shut me and make me run away afraid of you hahahhaa noooo you take it, and you love it.


all of you, leaving me alone, complacent, blase, blahblahblah, questioning me hahaha , me. hahaha

ignoring me then wondering if I’m ok… do I need help. No

no, I’m fine. A ok. I’m allowed to get pissed

Thank you internet, I’m allow to be stupid and juvenile

IQ, so what, I thought it was bitchin.. proud and coveted that one thing I had … no one bashed it

it’s what made me a boogie man where I am now stranded… trapped… patronized… blown off…






all of you who have previously had access to me (don’t offend me by pretending you know me)

you’re all welcome to enjoy your lives, and excused from mine… and by that I mean stay out.


wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried, in a chicago style deep dish pizza, in an authentic tamale husk, batter dipped, fried in canola oil, smothered in chili, in a commemorative tote bag.

Lee, take the creature you fostered with you.  Don’t look back.


eesa, I thank and respect what you’re doing for the single pure goal and purpose I have that keeps me from going ugly in a way that nothing can excuse. It sits in my head, my absolute inability to hinder my chance to continue to be a part of what you know is true joy… that keeps me spitting acid like a bitchy baby on here right now, but quite professionally serious and intent on what must be done and how I am going about it

grown up style. (40 caught a break, bigger fish.. still going to make it giggle till it farts)

I can’t wash “grown up” off enough

so here I am being a pissy baby

maybe grown up DOES .. no wait! IT IS AN ON OFF THING


Y’all back off still but


meskai wahhh ohhpoe    eesabird quack that at bliss for the blackest sheep who’s shutting up

purty please …. (focus on the deeds, you never cared about the word right?)


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2 Responses to “for the record”

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wow, I have no idea what I write when I do it. I trip out at my own junk in retrospect. Rediscovering this
is kinda cool in a twisted slightly rubber-necker kind of way.

Stacy! Its better out then in. Once you’ve completed your task. Always remember this. “Such Is Life!” Now get back up and live for stacy clark! God bless you! I love you and there is nothing you can do, that will change that!!!

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