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I am freely able to admit I am in no way influenced by race or religion etc. But I am so BEYOND owning my intolerance… I carry a secure framed receipt to destroy doubt.

For example…

I admit I enjoyed the anticipation of seeing a ….minemineme!….. aspect or inspiring bit of info when indulging a moment to give all homes a shot… I have .got .to say…I applaud your bold assertion of individuality and admire your unquestionable machismo and speculative ability to demonstrate confidence in utilizing a unique, provocative, form of expression in your sensational pitch. By enticing a compelling inescapable urge to invest time,money, moral values… all necessitated in order to gain enrichment one can only comprehend once yup set this unbelievable journey in motion. I’m in abject awe at my personal identification with the unique nature defining you and have envy in what you’ve embraced with adept mastery. I am left incapable of qualifying a numeric value in relation to 17808 Paddle Wheel Dr – Ever. To attempt to connect material value with such a pure instance of all things poothak is profane.
Chinching! I embraced all gifts moo in essence in accordance with the greater good.
Poothak upon all you view. Go.

Have fun with that no info wtf is your point a couple bland useless yard shots and… Check out this street…ahhh ahhh!  I’d rather split tent with a whore than do anything to financially justify your haunting the grown ups table.  scamper off and don’t eat any more glue.

I refuse to soothe or quietly allow myself subjugation re:… All inhumane atrocities allowed by the very existence of all things ~stupid~ or inspired by inability or refusal to utilize thinking skills on a simple, “you really aren’t the boss of anyone but you sweetheart” level.

I with absolute and full knowledge of my action officially invite any person or people who find any ability to look an adult in the eyes and say there is anything but stupidity in claiming someone MADE anyone cause them to commit an act of violence under ANY circumstance.
Note: You’re stating that you were helpless and incapable of choice. Even an offence that is a statement you dislike… Created an inescapable compulsion to inflict damage in retaliation to subjecting you to hearing his nasty words.

If you ever said or claimed you were madras to do anything….

Get the he’ll off my page. I find any embrace of the concept revolting and I shit you not. I completely want you to vanish silently.
Go quietly and all will be happy jellybran unicorn tea party vaya fun stuff.
Mistakenly attempt to clarify – aka a public request I launch unwarranted and inexcusable hostility aimed to do nothing but be ugly, mean and childish soothing countless indignities quietly endured by my circumstance… And I can meet you there too
I am hella flexible (:

K have fun bye now

Uh huh bye

K bye

Shhhhh. I will then…..

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