So Majestic

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I am the Queen of Nothing
I rule over the void with diligence
My commands echo back unheeded
My subjects, shadow and air
With loving care I tend to all
Every inch of oblivion
The sum of negative at my fingertips
I wield great power here
Tho I reign supreme I do so prudently
Great care is to be taken not to upset any balance
Rest assured while this Crown of Air rests upon my troubled head
Nothing will be alright

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3 Responses to “So Majestic”

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I love what you’re doing here! You’ve got a great voice that I believe will be well-received. I’m pulling for you. Terry (@bookmark-terry)

I SO appreciate that, I’m also terribly sorry for my absence. I’ve had a rough time with a med change and then recovering from the side effects after discontinuation. I’m feeling like myself again now though! I’m not one to harp on the negative (unless it’s someone else doing something ignorant hehe in which case I’m the first to play a tune.) Now that I’m me again (and I use “me” loosely… I’ll be writing away as soon as my daughter Q is back in school and I have “me” (loose) time to do it in! I had a TON of page hits on blogspot before I migrated here. I’ve no idea who the people were. I’m a schmo, I know one.. so I adored the fact that something like 700 (give or take) people actually read what I wrote. That’s unfathomable to me. I still giggle. I guess I think small lately. Good think I speak louder than that I suppose! I’m off to read your blog! Thanks again!

[…]   My first post and simplest piece of prose, I’m VERY proud of it and yet no one has really had a chance to see it. […]

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