Ok, sure, you betcha, right on

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I have no idea when the mental blogtomic aftermath petered out but it has for now. I guess the honeymoon is over. The other day everything I came across turned into a blog post. Now my head is like… hmm… nobody wants to hear about THAT.  haha. The gremlin is napping or sleeping or maybe I accidentally swallowed the little booger.

What’s really funny is “advice.” People want to suggest what I should put in, write or do with my blog.  I’m thinking… none of you are what I’d call “successful” in the blog department – what is the appeal in listening to your advice supposed to be? (8  (bitshhh.)


I adore hypocrisy. Not when it involves me having to dine on crow at any point… not like that I mean in others. People get SO intent on what they say or do they fail to see it when they are the perpetrators. Point it out and WOAH, hold on now missy. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’d do right to watch what you say. OR You’re changing the subject, what I’m telling you is… blah blah blah. I have learned something awesome in my $A^#& years of bipolarness.

I have learned the merit in letting wrong people be right. It is AWESOME. You should really try to incorporate it into your personality. You know what I’m saying don’t you?

Someone you deal with says or does something that you recognize immediately as either factually incorrect, patently wrong or just plain ignorant in general. You mention in a pc way that maybe what they meant was ____insert correction here___ and they insist that what they’ve expelled is “absolutely rockin’ the poo.”

What you have to do now is ask yourself, “Is anyone going to suffer horribly over this (other than the slickness that spewed the crap in question that is,) or can this be something that Mr(s/iss) Mouth can chalk up to “Look Ma, I did it!” I’ve found that most times it’s the latter. When someone is really pushy about their faulty statements/ideas generally it’s because they need some sort of validation ~that bad~ and hey, why not be big about it and let them be Neo for once. (Everybody should get a turn at being The One.)

Try not to patronize too much when you bend on the ignorance, and don’t throw accolades over it, just say “ok” and let it go. Tada, good karma and Doofy gets a WooHoo. It’s better than an all out assault on Doofy’s stubborn ignorant pride, that is almost universally futile.

I have an ex I had to mentally throw in the towel and let him think he was correct in thinking there were 52 states. Showing him reference documentation did no good. His mind wouldn’t let him reconcile the facts with what he held true in his head.  -Maybe he’ll go to the King or Queen of Spades on vacation. I pity the travel agent who has to book that reservation. If it were me I’d book him on the next short bus to the closest middle school geography class. I’d even pack a crust-less pb&j sack lunch. …yeah, I’m that kinda badasssuperbangbangrockinmommaYEAH! awwwright


(that was my horn, digit) So anyway. I hope we’ve all learned a little something about ignorant people and choosing our battles! (Shut up Egg it’s not like you’re Mr. Rodgers) Geez, right ok. So I’m barefoot (eatit) and don’t wear cardigans (eatit) and wrapping this up.

That dude I dated, turned out he wasn’t as much stupid as he was a drug addict. #eatit I was the stupid one. LIKE I WAS SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??? I thought he had untreated mild mental health issues, I was shrink shopping to help his silly ass. Drugs, how in the hell was I supposed to know THAT? (insert your smug comments here, I can take ’em haha I can let you be right…)

Don’t forget to go guess at the magic word, scroll back a few days, enter all you want! Nothing is done with your info, at all. I could care less what your email is I’m not some net wizard. I have no ulterior motivation whatsoever. I just want to have fun with my readers and genuinely want to see if anyone can figure out what the word is/decipher how my mind works.

peacy outu (love me some higa)

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3 Responses to “Ok, sure, you betcha, right on”

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How much could you care less?

With a nickname of Random Confusion I spend a lot of time letting people either dig themselves in a hole and make themselves look like idiots (Nothing like a good ID-10-T error to give you a good chuckle) or pop off about the obvious that makes them stop and ponder it before they get the joke (pull punch-line, throw joke grenade, wait 10 seconds for puzzled look & “Oh NOW I get it!”)

I have a brother who is like your 52-pick-up ex. Even when you have them list off all of the states and say “territory”, “district”, “country on a continent in a different hemisphere”, “planet in a galaxy far, far away”, etc. they look at you as if you never got the memo. Oh-well. Then they wonder why everyone looks at them as if there are bars in-between them and the rest of the world and why don’t they get the bag of peanuts, too.

Anyhoo, can’t find the word challenge. Maybe I’m suffering from IOHS. Maybe I need a mistress to point out the obvious. Maybe I need to tell monday to go jump in the lake (if you can find one that still has water around here.)

The contest is a previous post, it’s title escapes me at the moment (it’s too hot to think – when I concentrate I hear a disturbing sizzling sound.) I’m afraid when I migrated my blog I might not have changed the links within the “Magic Word Contest” post!
How derelict is that? I was so concerned with getting a template that provided the proper ammount of space vs. widgets that I compromised the integrity of the post. As soon as I can I will correct whatever errors there may be. I’ll repost the prose and/or the instructions for simplicity’s sake.
Thanks so much for your intelligent, delightfully amusing response! Meeting someone with a generous IQ and a way with words is a rarity for me. I appreciate every bit of conversation I see from you!
P.S. I’m terrible with geography, excuse my 10th grade formal education but: Guam? District of Columbia (DC), Australia (is Bolivia S. Or Central… does Zaire still exsist… if not then South Africa.) and (from fiction) Arrakis (I’m more Frank Herbert than George Lucas – sorry! …that and I can’t remember if it’s pronounced or spelled ?Tattoie? or not. Ummm… Yeah, where Luke grew up.) Speaking of Dune, we’ll all have to start living like Freemen soon if the heat doesn’t let up!
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I think, therefore my brain hurts. (Sizzling – probably not a fajita platter but internal circuitry going out.)

I found the post in question. It wasn’t “back” like I expected, but “forward” (Maybe I should turn around?) in the list so I finally got to it and made some entries. When you’re used to Sphinx riddles, this was a bit different. No need to change things, methinks. Just ride. (Hmmm…. That might come out wrong, but I’m going to leave it in anyway. More fun that way.) If you’re mostly worried about loss of integrity of a blog than other things, I’m game. Let everyone else get worked up over other stuff.

I’m sorry that you had to thank me for something that disguised itself as intelligent prose. Either I’m ADOSing on the same wavelength or you don’t get many visitors. But I am happy that you’re happy. I won’t throw that away. I like making people happy, and if my making you happy means I get to see an attractive redhead lurking around my wall, I’ll take it any day.

As for the geography lesson, I had no specific locations (well, not many) in mind when I wrote it, but I was thinking Philippines, DC, Mozambique, S.America (I had to look it up), Not since 1997 (wikipedia for that one), and that will work, but wasn’t that the one that Chewie came from? I admit that I’m better with Star Trek or Doctor Who. I’m just not that comfortable wearing form-fitting black with a lot of straps and sucking on a hose. I’m more inclined to leave that to the women.

Next time we should continue this on FB or just call me (let me know if you can’t see my number on my FB page.)

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